The Danish registers and the Biobanks

A goldmine for Danish research: The Danish registers and Biobanks
Denmark is an international leader in the field of register research. We have some of the world's best and most complete registers, and the unique social security numbering system makes it possible to follow a citizen – and a patient – from cradle to grave. Data can be subtracting from a wide range of conditions such as schooling, education, family relationships and demographic conditions. In addition, there is information about what vaccinations the individual has received, blood donations, medical treatment and medicine consumption, and the diseases you develop.
The latest shot on the tribe is the construction of Denmark's national Biobank, which will provide Danish health science research with a unique overview and potential access to more than 15 million biological samples in existing as well as future collections. The initiative will allow the interconnection of information extracted from biological samples with the information from the Danish registers, making the initiative a unique resource for the great benefit of Danish research.
In the lecture Mads Melbye will present some of the many opportunities this area of Danish research represents with examples from their research and at the same time provide a review of the initiative Danmarks Nationale Biobank, which officially opens on March 21 this year.

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The Danish registers and the Biobanks

Date: 20. Feb 2012
Time: 19:30:00

Lecturer: professor, Dr. Med. Mads Melbye
Institution: The State Serum Institute
Email Address: MME@ssi.dk

The Lecture is held: Geological Museum