The Ice story history

The drilling of the 3090 m wide ice cubes at NGRIP in North Greenland has taught us a lot about the climate of the past. We see how natural climate variations have been both through our current mid-Ice age, which has lasted for 11,700 years and through the last ice age that began 115,000 years ago. Especially exciting is the brand new information we get from the deepest ice of the ice cream: ice from the previous between Ice age, which we call the Eem time. During this period, there were 5 degrees warmer in Greenland so climate information from this period can tell us about conditions during a warmer period – one that we expect in the future when global warming strikes through.

Finally, we drilled down into the water found on the bottom under the ice and we got redone frozen bottom water. In this material we have found macro fossils: bark and shells from willow trees, which may be 2.5 mill. Years old.

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The Ice story history

Date: 18. SEP 2006
Time: 19:30:00

Lecturer: Ann Dahl Jensen
Institution: Ice and climate, Niels Bohr Foundation

The Lecture is held: Geological Museum