Soil water and drinking water

The lecture tells when free water emerged on the ground and where the Earth's water originates. How old is the water? And what context does the occurrence of free water on the surface of the earth have when and how did organic life in the sea arise on Earth.

There is also water in other parts of our solar system, and in particular the occurrence of water on Mars and Jupiter's moon, Europe, is interesting in the discussion about life elsewhere in the universe.

The distribution of the Earth's water in the sea, ice caps, rivers, lakes and groundwater and the water circuit are shown. Various strategies for the abstraction of drinking water from groundwater or surface water for the purpose

In addition, the crucial approach to clean drinking water on Earth's continents will be mentioned and the Danish water supply based on groundwater approach will be briefly mentioned and compared with other European drinking water systems, which are particularly dependent on purified surface water.

As a small bonus, the life of European and Danish aquifers will be mentioned and the first found Danish groundwater animals will be shown.

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Soil water and drinking water

Date: 31. OCT 2005
Time: 19:30:00

Lecturer: Walter Brüsch
Institution: Denmark and Greenland's Geological Survey, GEUS

The Lecture is held: Geological Museum