Aboard GALATHEA3 with Polar Oceans DNA

Professor Nikolaj Blom of CBS has now had two rounds of stay aboard Galathea 3. This is where the lecture "aboard Galathea 3 with the DNA of Polar seas" has been passed out. In the lecture Nikolaj Blom comes both to the academic content of the research project (see below) and to the experience of being part of the Galathea expedition.

The project "Polar Oceans DNA" will add a new dimension to the Galathea3 expedition – partly by going into the depths, but also by going down the smallest yardstick. Thus, we will focus on the relatively unexplored microbiological diversity in the polar marine environments and partly demonstrate how new discoveries at DNA level can be used in practice in the form of new enzymes or antibiotics. The study will make use of meta-genome analysis, which has the advantage of getting insight into the inheritance of not only the one percent of arable microorganisms that have been discovered so far, but also of the 99% non-arable/undiscovered. Thus, Meta-Genomics provides a kind of genetic fingerprint of a particular microbiological environment.

After the lecture, there is a general meeting.
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2. Presentation of accounts
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Info box:

Aboard GALATHEA3 with Polar Oceans DNA

Date: 23. APR 2007
Time: 19:30:00

Lecturer: Nikolaj Blom
Institution: Centre for Biological sequence analysis, DTU

The Lecture is held: Geological Museum