X-ray laser – from dream to reality

X-rays have been used in technological and medical context for more than 100 years. But while the optical laser can celebrate its 50 year anniversary this year, the quality of the X-rays of noodles in terms of brilliance and consistency is almost to compare with a filament lamp.

These years, however, are being drastically altered by the significant advances made within accelerator technology and X-ray optics. Thus, the first machine with radiation in the X-ray area at SLAC in Stanford was lased on 21. April 2009. A similar European machine is under construction in Hamburg.

In the lecture, the principles of the X-ray laser will be discussed and comparisons will be drawn with the optical laser. The new pioneering opportunities the X-ray laser provides for science will of course also be mentioned, both within biology, chemistry and physics.

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X-ray laser – from dream to reality

Date: 6 DEC 2010
Time: 19:30:00

Lecturer: Robert Feidenhans'l
Institution: Theoretical multifaceted, NBI

The Lecture is held: Geological Museum