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Exiqon is a biotechnology company that develops, manufactures and supplies products to optimize the treatment choices for cancer patients.

The human genome was sequenced at the beginning of this millennium, which has given us full insight into the human heritable mass. It is precisely this insight that Exiqon's business is based on.

Based on a unique invention done at the University of Copenhagen in 1996, Exiqon in 2009 began to market a revolutionary test to determine whether the cancer patient will get relapse, which is not possible today. Such tests will have a major impact on how cancer patients will be treated in the future.
The first test will help patients and physicians optimize treatment to suit the individual colon cancer patient and more tests are being developed for other cancers.

Exiqon employs well 200 highly specialized employees, of whom approximately 60% are employed in the United States. Exiqon is inherently dependent on being able to recruit highly skilled employees who can work in an innovative multinational and multi-disciplinary environment.

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Company Visit Exiqon

Date: 3. May 2010
Time: 16:00:00


The Lecture is held: Exiqon A/S