On this page you can see or revisit selected lectures in SNU. Newer lectures are also available on our new YouTube channel,which we encourage you to advertise on.

Lectures from 2016 up to and including May 2019 are preoccupied with our former volunteer Eyvind Dekaa and can also be seen on his youtube channel "Danish Science".

When the Earth stands for shots
The cultural Brain
Artificial Intelligence – How long is the human being klogst?
Asteroid Day in Denmark
Conventional nuclear power and Thorium
Is the gas escaping from the ancient super-greenhouse?
The ice cap is melting – has it always done so?
Why Video Games could be the Key towards Artificial Intelligence
Asteroids and our defenses
Future Energy Storage – – Next generation of battery technologies
Are the soil temperatures reliable?
Wake-up call for the climate – climate reports, climate conventions and climate models: what will be our climate future?