Founded by H.C. Ørsted in 1824

Patron of the Society: Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark

§ 1.

The purpose of the society is primarily to disseminate knowledge of the natural sciences and their use.

§ 2.

The society's activities include:

1. Lectures on important advances in the field of physics, chemistry and other natural sciences.

2. Other measures in accordance with the purpose of the society.

3. Publication of the magasine KVANT - Journal for Physics and Astronomy, together with the Danish Physical

Society and the Astronomical Society.

4. Awarding the H.C. Ørsted Medal for excellent work in the field of physics and chemistry and for excellent dissemination of this work.

5. Awarding scholarships to young, promising science students or graduates to promote their education or research.

§ 3.

Management of the society:

1. The society's affairs are handled by a seven-member executive board.

2. Each year the Executive Board shall elect one of its members as president.

3. Each year, a member of the Executive board shall resign in turn.

4. The Executive Board shall assume one or more secretaries.

5. The Executive Board, together with the board of the Danish Physical Society and the Astronomical Society, participates in the editorial board of KVANT.

§ 4.

The annual general assambly is held in April and is announced at least eight days in advance. At the annual general assembly the accounts for the preceding year and the current budget shall be approved. Furthermore the election if the Executive Board and auditor are also held at the annnual general assmebly. The society's financial year is 1st of January ti1l the 31st of December.

§ 5.

Membership of the society is open to all who are interested. Youth members, students and young people under the age of 25 have access to the general assembly but are not entitled to vote. Companies and associations can also be members of the society. Members receive KVANT as a member's magazine.

§ 6.

The membership fee shall be fixed at the annual general assembly for the following year. The fee for youth members is half of the ordinary fee.

The fee for membership of the society shall be fixed at the annual general assembly.

The company is "tegnet" by the President together with another member of the Executive Board or by two members of the Executive Board. The Executive Board may notify Prokura.

§ 7.

Amendments to these statutes shall be adopted by the Executive Board and approved by a general meeting. Draft amendments shall be circulated to members at least eight days in advance of the general meeting.

Adopted by the General Assembly on 5 April 2017.