Society for the Dissemination of Natural Science
Executive board

COPY OF 20. APR. 1967 THE

Associate Professor Dr. Phil. Mrs KIRSTINE MEYER F. Bjerrum's Memorial Scholarship.

The undersigned friends and relatives of the lecturer Mrs Dr. Phil. Kirstine Meyer-born Bjerrum has wanted to put a memory of her who could bring testimony to future times about the admiration, high esteem, and devotion that contemporaries nourished for her. For this purpose, they have provided funds to a memorial scholarship and have for this determined the foetal Fundats:



The name of the legate is lecturer Dr. Phil. Mrs Kirstine Meyer born Bjerrum's Memorial Scholarship.


The basic capital of the legate is currently DKK 13,000. The capital may be increased by external contributions or by the provisions of the Management Board.


The primary capital must not be used for distribution.


The legate is managed by the Executive Board of the SOCIETY FOR THE LEARNING of NATURE. The annual accounts shall be audited by the auditors of that company and shall be submitted to the annual General meeting of the company.


The interest income of the Legal's capital is given portions of at least 500 Kr. To young promising Danish students or graduates to promote their education or their research in the field of science. The scholarship should be awarded at least every two years and as far as possible on the birthday of Kirstine Meyer on 12 December. October.


As long as Mrs Kirstine Meyer's son, the physician Dr. Med. Johs. Meyer lives, the distribution of the Executive Board of the Society of the Nature teacher in consultation with this son is carried out. After death, distribution of the company's executive board is carried out alone; But as long as any of Mrs Kirstine Meyer's grandchildren, who has known her, lives and their whereabouts are known to the Executive Board, these should be notified of the distributions.


Changes to this Charter can be made by the unanimous adoption by one of the Executive Board of the Society of the General Assembly of the company.


The Society for the propagation of the natural teacher will be abolished or its Executive Board will no longer wish to manage the memorial, the University of Copenhagen must be asked to take over the administration and the Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences of this The university to take over the rights relating to the distribution and the foundation's amendments, which are held by the Society of the Naturteacher and the Executive Board of that company, according to this Charter.

Copenhagen, 4. April 1942


Niels Bjerrum-Johannes Meyer

The SOCIETY FOR the DISSEMINATION of NATURE is hereby willing to manage Professor Dr. Phil. Mrs Kirstine Meyer's Memorial Grant in accordance with the preceding Fundats and also acknowledges the receipt of a basic capital of DKK 13,000.00.

For the SOCIETY OF THE LEARNING of NATURE signed: Niels Bohr