About SNU

The company of the naturalist distribution – colloquially known as the SNU – was founded by H.C. Ørsted in 1824. After a major journey abroad, he saw the need to have a company in Denmark in which everyone could come and hear about the latest advances in physics and chemistry – and the potential impact of these professions on the nutritional life. He therefore gave himself a lecture where everyone had access. It was, among other things, Utilized by the Jacobsen Brewer's family, and in this way, SNU was able to form the basis of Carlsberg's pre-canteen position in the past.

The SNU focuses on dissemination – of the best and latest. We reward good communication with H.C. Ørsted medals. Through many years of business and a broad composition of our Executive board, we have a large network of contacts that will benefit our members and listeners.

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