Journalist receives H.C. Ørsted silver medal in 200th anniversary of electromagnetism discovery

Journalist receives H.C. Ørsted silver medal in 200th anniversary of electromagnetism discovery

The Society for the Dissemination of Nature Learn awards science journalist Jens Ramskov a H.C. Ørsted silver medal for exemplary dissemination. The medal is presented at the opening of a new exhibition on the work and discoveries of H.C. Ørsted and their meanings today.

January 2, 2015 - 10: On July 1, journalist Jens Ramskov, an Engineer, receives an H.C. Ørsted Silver Medal for his long-standing work in making science, technology and research understandable and interesting to a wider section of society. The medal is awarded by the Society for the Distribution of Nature Doctrine (SNU), founded by H.C. Ørsted himself.

Professor Dorte Olesen, President of SNU says: "Jens Ramskov is a special science journalist. He has for more than 20 years The engineer disseminated new scientific advances with a highly in-depth approach to the topics. Jens Ramskov's great and fruitful efforts as an intermediary of science and technical research makes him an obvious beneficiary of H.C. The Ørsted silver medal this year, when we are celebrating the 200th anniversary of H.C. Ørsted's detection of electromagnetism."

Jens Ramskov says: " H.C. Ørsted was an excellent scientist and a fantastic communicator. That I receive a medal bearing his name, for my research communication is a particularly great honour – which does not is less that electromagnetism has had my great interest since my Studies. Curiosity and a search for a deeper understanding and connections in nature were Ørsted's driving forces. It is still the best starting point for both research and research dissemination.  

Good communication is important for science

It takes a special effort for a researcher to break with the traditional subject language in order to make science available. H.C. Ørsted knew this challenge and worked to make science understandable and usable, and ended up enriching the Danish language with 2000 new words, many of which are still used today.

More recently, research has been helped to disseminate talented Danish science journalists who dwell on understanding the latest scientific achievements and disseminate them to the general public. Therefore has decided to give H.C. Ørsted silver medals to prominent researchers who are also exceptional intermediaries and to eminent science journalists, who deserve the same recognition.

In exclusive company

The H.C. Ørsted medal in silver is awarded for outstanding research dissemination of exact science to the wider world over a number of years. This is only the third time that the H.C. Ørsted silver medal has been awarded to a journalist. Editor of Nature's World Niels Blædel received the medal in 1988 and science editor at Berlingske, Jens Jørgen Kjærgaard in 1990. Now SNU has chosen to present another silver medal to Jens Ramskov from The Engineer.

SNU's executive board writes in the recommendation: "Jens Ramskov, with his background as an engineer, has a special understanding of his audience, which he is not afraid to challenge at a high level. Even mathematics he does not shy away from writing columns about, and his deep insight into technical scientific research allows him to convey to the technically oriented readers of the engineer so that they can relate the latest research to their own field of subject. But he also does not shy away from going deep into the universe of basic research, for example in chemistry and mathematics. Therefore, you have always become wiser when you have read an article by Jens Ramskov."

The medal ceremony will take place on 2 May. On 1July in the Round Tower at the opening of the exhibition 'Ørsted anew – the beauty of nature', which SNU is also behind. The ceremony is with the support of Ørsted. The energy company has taken his name after H.C. Ørsted because of his curiosity, interest and passion for nature and not least his discovery of electromagnetism, which is the cornerstone of the modern production of electricity.

The exhibition is part of the HCØ2020 initiative and is supported by otto mønsteds Fond, Industris Fond, William Demant Fonden and COWIfonden.