The first H.C. Ørsted medal for an inspiring primary school teacher is awarded to Jean nette Overgaard Tejlmann

The first H.C. Ørsted medal for an inspiring primary school teacher is awarded to Jean nette Overgaard Tejlmann

The company for the distribution of natural Science (SNU) awards on 6 May 2019 the first H.C. Ørsted medal in bronze for excellent communication of natural sciences in primary school to teacher Jeannette Overgaard Tejlmann, Asgård Skole in Køge. The medal feels a travel scholarship of 50,000 KR, sponsored by the company Haldor Topsøe.

The event begins at noon. 19.30 with a lecture on "Biology in Space" by cand. Scient. Christina Toldbo, Danish company for Aerospace Research. At 20.45, the distribution takes place. The event takes place at H.C. Ørsted Building's Auditorium 1, the University Park 5, 2100 København Ø. After the distribution there is a reception.

About the medal recipient:

Jeannette Overgaard Tejlmann teaches at Asgård Skole in Køge and was among others. Set for the medal of a large group of enthusiastic students of 9. Year. Her joy in the subjects and her enthusiasm is great, she loves to teach – and the students love it! They wrote, among other things, " We nominate our amazing science teacher Jean Nette to the H.C. Ørsted medal. Her lessons are lively and exciting. There is both the theoretical, which is at a high level depending on how deep inside the subject we are. There is of course also the exciting part of the teaching, which is more practical. We do many experiments that support the theoretical. It could, for example, be that we have just read and gained some knowledge about galvanizing and thus metals, then we practiced it has read by actually galvanising."

Background to the assignment:

The Chairman of the Evaluation Committee, consultant Erland Andersen from the Danish Physics and Chemistry Teacher Association, says: "We received many incredibly good settings for the H.C. Ørsted Medal, so the choice of the receiver was not easy. But we ended up pointing to Jeannette Overgaard Tejlmann because she is an amazing committed and creative teacher who understands how to excite her students and bring them far into the natural science universe. Her teachings span both physics, chemistry, Astronomy, geography and biology, and in all fields, she adds something special to the teaching. "

Even says Jeannette Overgaard Tejlmann: "I am very pleased with the credit and the accompanying scholarship from the company Haldor Topsøe, which will allow me to come up with some inspiring study trips – and I am super happy that my students have set me, it is well Probably the best shoulder flap you can get as a teacher. "

Dorte Olesen from SNU says: "We are delighted to begin our collaboration with the company Haldor Topsøe in giving a medal to Jeannette Overgaard Tejlmann. We are confident that she will be able to take advantage of the opportunity for more exciting study trips so that her pupils can also learn about new exciting things in the field of science in the future. "

On cooperation with Haldor Topsøe, Dorte Olesen further says: "Haldor Topsøe has already been working closely with primary school teachers for many years and has given them and their pupils the opportunity to see and hear how science is used in reality. We support this to make it visible also through this medal of the H.C. Ørsted medal. "

Ole Stahl of Haldor Topsøe says about the new collaboration: "Haldor Topsøe is pleased to be able to work with the company for the dissemination of nature and in this way put even more focus on the important dissemination of science, which is in the teaching of Primary school. "

About the company:

The company of the naturalist distribution – colloquially known as the SNU – was founded by H.C. Ørsted in 1824. After a major journey abroad, he saw a need to have a company in Denmark too, where everyone could come and hear about the latest advances in physics and chemistry – and the potential impact of these disciplines on the nutritional life. He therefore gave himself lectures where everyone had access. It was, among other things, Utilized by the Jacobsen Brewer's family, and in this way, SNU was able to form the basis of Carlsberg's pre-canteen position in the past. Here almost 200 years on, CUNNING is still a gathering point where prominent scholars convey the latest knowledge, often across traditional disciplines.

For more information about the medalist, the ceremony and the company for the propagation of the naturalist, please contact the company President Dorte Olesen, Phone 29 92 63 00 or or look On The snus Facebook page,

About the Hans Christian Ørsted Medal in bronze for inspiring primary school teachers:

The company for the propagation of the naturalist (SNU), from 2019, puts a new focus on the important communication in primary school by an annual award of a Hans Christian Ørsted Medal in bronze to an inspiring primary school teacher within the company's professional circle.

An inspiring primary school teacher in science can determine whether a student becomes interested and gets a good entrance to understand the scientific and technical world. For many, this can also be a motivating factor in further schooling and later study choices, and important for whether you dare to go ahead with an education that requires insight into the scientific or technical field.

  • The 2019 assignment is based on settings from school leaders, colleagues and pupils throughout Denmark, who have been judged by a skilled evaluation committee consisting of
  • Erland Andersen, chairman of Denmark's Physics and Chemistry Teacher Association Copenhagen/Sjælland
  • Anja Cetti Andersen, Professor of public understanding of science and technology
  • Brian Ravnborg, chairman of the Biology Association
  • Christina Helene Gellert Kürstein, chairman of the geographer
  • Nina Troelsgaard Jensen, president of the Association of Teachers in science at teacher training
  • Ole Stahl, Haldor Topsøe A/S
  • Jeppe Willads Petersen, the Youth Science Association and Rungsted Gymnasium