Membership fees

A membership of SNU costs:

DKK 250 per year for ordinary members.

DKK 125 per year for students.

DKK 750 per annum for companies.

SNUs konto hos Danske Bank har 1551 og kontonummer 9032363. Man kan også indbetale som indbetalingskort +01< 9032363. Eller via. Mobile Pay nummer 57022

As a member of the SNU you will receive the magazine KVANT, Physics and astronomy Journal for FREE.

KVANT is published 4 times a year and costs 50 KR per number in unit sales and in subscription 180 kr./year. For subscribers residing in Denmark. If you live abroad, it is somewhat more expensive. The SNU has the same membership quota regardless of residence.

KVANT is published by Danish physical company, astronomic Company and SNU together.

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