Electromagnetism and quantum electronics

Electromagnetism and quantum electronics

The miniaturization of electrical components has come to the end of the road. A single transistor on Samsung's latest microchips measures only 4 nanometers, well the same size as the width of a DNA helix or about 40 hydrogen atoms in a row. On these long-scale scales, quantum mechanics has long since taken hold with Planck's constant and fluid currents turned into electrons that quantum tunnel through energy barriers. 

In this lecture, I talk about our efforts to understand the interaction between the magnetic and electrical degrees of electrical freedom of electrons in nanoscopic systems. What is the electrical resistance of a hydrogen atom, and by the way, does Ohm's law still apply? Can we repeat Ørsted's experiment and have an elemental compass needle strike under the influence of tunnelling electrons?

LIMITED EDITION – For the event, ørsted beer "Experimenta" is served for the 200th anniversary. The beer has notes of pepper and has been made in a collaboration between Husbryggeriet JACOBSEN, Carlsberg Laboratory, CarlsbergFondet and The Danish Academy of Sciences.

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Electromagnetism and quantum electronics

Date: April 21, 2017 Sep 2020
Time: 19:00-20:15

Lecturer: Associate Professor Jens Paaske
Institution: Niels Bohr Foundation

The Lecture is held: Auditorium 1, H.C. Ørsted Building, University Park 5, 2100 Copenhagen Island.

After the lecture there will be a general meeting in SNU.

Please note that you are not allowed to park in front of the main entrance to University Park 5. You can park between the H.C. Ørsted Building and the August Krogh Building, in the slightly makeshift parking lot right next to the new building, but it requires a special parking permit. P-permit can be obtained from the SNUs representative at the main entrance to University Park 5 between 18:45 - 19:15 and must be completed with car number and date and placed in the windshield. You can park with Easypark along Nørre Allé. There is good public transport to University Park, buses 184, 185 and 150S all have stops at Universitetsparken, and bus 6A has a stop nearby.

The lecture is part of HCØ2020: The celebration of the 200th anniversary of H.C. Ørsted's discovery of electromagnetism and is supported by the Carlsberg Foundation.