The Milky Way Black Hole

The Milky Way Black Hole

The first image of the black hole in the center of our own galaxy by the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration marks a major milestone in our understanding of this well-studied source. It provides crucial confirmation of the Noble-prize-winning observation of stellar orbits around an unseen dark gravitating mass. The presence of a shadow surrounded by a ring-like morphology provides the most direct evidence that the central mass is consistent with the predictions of a black hole as described by Einstein’s General Relativity theory. I will describe the work behind and beyond the image, describe what it took to accomplish this milestone, and relate it to the first black hole image in M87*. 

Foredraget er på engelsk / The lecture will be in English.

Efter foredraget er der generalforsamling i SNU.

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The Milky Way Black Hole

Dato: 20. Mar 2023
Tidspunkt: Kl.19:30

Foredragsholder: Assistant Professor Roman Gold
Institution: University of Southern Denmark

The lecture will be held: Auditorium 1, H.C. Ørsted Building, Universitetsparken 5, 2100 Copenhagen Ø

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