The latest developments within solar cells

Solar Technologies transform the energy of sunlight directly into power or heat. Solar heating is widely used in Denmark both as a household plant, but also largely as large installations supplying the district heating network. Solar cells produce power and prices for photovoltaic systems have fallen dramatically in recent years. The net meter principle allows one's electricity consumption to be offset against the power allocated to the grid during periods when production is high and the household consumption low. It has made photovoltaics a good business for many households. The sun is the biggest energy resource we have. Every hour, the sun shines more energy on the ground than humanity consumes in a year. Globally, we need to become much better at exploiting this resource. Solar cells and solar power plants, where the heat of the sun focuses on mirrors and operate a power station, can cover 25-30% of the world's electricity demand in the long term. The lecture examines the different technologies and their potential.

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The latest developments within solar cells

Date: 3 DEC 2012
Time: 19:30:00

Lecturer: Peter Sommer Larsen
Institution: DTU Energy Conversion

The Lecture is held: Geological Museum